I grew up in Adelaide and spent most of my childhood playing amongst costumes and props in a storeroom because my grandparents worked in the theatre. My first memory of art is... probably smothering paint all over my face. I still do that sometimes but I'm allowed to now. The subjects I liked at school were… ART! Also, Drama... and English... and Science... and Sport... You know what? Probably everything except Maths. Sorry Maths! The type of art I make is probably best described as 'cartooning' but I also like making things to wear. I am inspired by all the wonderful colours you can find in nature. And when searching for an idea I sit down in front of a blank piece of paper and I won't let myself leave until I've come up with something. Eventually I'll come up with an idea I like, I just have to get the obvious ones out of my system first. For a living I write animated TV shows, voice cartoon characters and I also just wrote/illustrated my first graphic novel, 'Opposite Land'. In the future I would love to get back into painting and put on an exhibition one day! My art philosophy is: "Ain't nothing to it but to do it!"